Friday, August 12, 2011

On gravity, and bread.

So we are all sort of trapped, by gravity, which keeps us standing and walking, sitting and lying on the earth. You can try to jump into the sky, but you will find yourself back on the sidewalk. With this in mind: farming, living off the land. I live in the city on a busy street where the traffic never stops and you have to wait 5 minutes to cross. It's funny how just a 100 feet or so away from the road the cars whizzing past become silent. Then you see an old man sitting on a lawn chair on his front porch in the dusk light, one leg crossed over the other, his foot tapping the air to an invisible beat.
So I can't make the cars stop driving past, or push the houses on either side of mine farther away, so instead I pledge to bake more loaves of bread. Gravity have to give a little and let the dough rise just enough.

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