Monday, May 9, 2011

Dinners & Nightmares #1

Inspired by one of my favorite books by Diane Di Prima, I will now periodically begin listing dinners I eat and nightmares I have, or, in case of no nightmares, then just regular dreams. But before I get in to all of that: at the request of a friend of Magic Child, I would like to take a moment to introduce the internets to the newest addition to my household. Black as sin and impossible to see in the dark! And now, here he is! Meet Willy!

Here, Willy can be seen engaging in one of his favorite activities: napping in the grass on a sunny afternoon while everyone else has to do yard work. Okay, moving right along.

Dinner: wonderful delicacies from Royal India, a special treat after a particularly grueling week. Although they look the same, one was mutter paneer and one was shahi paneer. Hey, we both really like paneer, you know? Not pictured: 2 ice-cold bottles of Maharaja. Quotable quotes from dinner: "In India we have many lakes. Sometimes the level of the lake gets low, but it always comes back up." Indeed.

Nightmare: Actually not a nightmare; just a dream, but anyway. Tom and I were visiting our friends Kris and Becca down South. For breakfast one morning, Kris made some eggs and toasted some bagels. Becca's addition to the meal was to take a handful of cocktail parasols, cut off the sharp toothpick end, split them down the middle lengthwise, then fry them in some butter and sprinkle them with sugar. I was skeptical at first but they actually turned out to be pretty good, despite the mild paper aftertaste.

Thanks for playing and see you next time on Dinners & Nightmares!