Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Artificial Flower Plant Plant

On Saturday I made a zillion empanadas for a party for my sister. I got a late start but had them all finished by 11:30pm, just in time to enjoy a High Life with a little OJ (have you tried this? It's the ultimate refresher - any bottled lighter beer will do, just drink a little out of the bottle and pour a splash of orange juice in the bottle. Careful though, it likes to overflow).

Now the paper flower factory has opened. I have a zillion of these to make too, and I'm well on my way.


  1. Hi! So cool - I just discovered your blog via the comments on Karie's Shelter Protects You blog, and like her was in love with the Brautigan reference (he's my favorite writer, too!... plus the name Magic Child is so great). Then I saw my tumblr site linked up in your blog roll and had to smile - - - I'm mystic lady on there! Such a great moment of internet connections, so glad I found you!

  2. Hi Sara! Sorry I didn't respond right away, but I'm glad to meet you! I love both of your sites...a constant source of inspiration, I swear I could spend hours just looking at all the pictures!