Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dinners and Nightmares #3

I saw a recipe for yellow split pea potstickers that I wanted to make, but at the store, I couldn't find pre-made potsticker wrappers and didn't feel like making them from scratch. So I just bought an assortment of things to put on crackers, as well as two kinds of frozen pierogies (because of my yen for dumplings) and a bottle of wine. (I also bought a 5# bag of yellow split peas, for your information) We ate the crackers and cracker accessories and drank the wine while the pierogies were defrosting. As the sun went down, the sky was pink and I didn't want to turn the lights on, so we just lit this candle which is also pink.
A bunch of neighborhood friends all lived on the same street and we had decided to have a holiday party at a Chinese restaurant that was behind our houses across a snow-filled park. It was night, and we had decorated a room at the restaurant with streamers earlier in the day. The restaurant was called "Golden Fountain" and had a neon light in the shape of a golden fountain on the front, which we could see from our house. A neighborhood friend stopped at our house to make sure we weren't going to be late to the party. The nightmare part of this is that I then woke up and realized I was late for work; when I tried to text my co-worker to tell her I had over-slept, my hands didn't work because I had been laying on them and they were asleep. Well, my thumbs worked but not the rest of my fingers. When I looked in the bathroom mirror, I saw a a perfect red hand print on my chest from my own hand.

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